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Looking to navigate the complex world of college admissions? Join our Texas College Consulting sessions tailored specifically for high school students! Our expert consultants provide guidance and support throughout the entire application process, helping students achieve their academic goals.

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Tailored advice and support to help students find the best-fit colleges and programs for their goals

Application & Essay Assistance

Expert guidance on crafting compelling essays and completing applications that stand out

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Support in identifying and applying for scholarships and financial aid opportunities to make college more affordable

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Guidance on building a strong resume and acing interviews to maximize chances of admission

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College Admissions Consultant

Moneel Patel, a distinguished Electrical and Computer Engineering Honors student at UT Austin's Cockrell School of Engineering, excels in software engineering, embedded systems, and robotics. Graduating rank 8 from Seven Lakes High School with a class size of 954, Moneel completed the most rigorous course load at Seven Lakes. As a full-ride Virginia & Ernest Cockrell, Jr. Scholarship recipient, he gained invaluable experience through freshman year and high school internships at Chevron and Arion Blue LLC, and as a Research Assistant under Dr. Christine Julien who is the Dean of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion for the Cockrell School of Engineering. Moneel contributed significantly to projects like NASA's SEES Urban Heat Island Effect research and led FIRST Robotics and Technology Student Association teams. His comprehensive skill set and driven leadership enable him to excel in academics and extracurriculars.


College Admissions Essay Specialist

Amy Gaden, an acclaimed AP English Language teacher and team lead at Seven Lakes High School, holds a bachelor's degree in English Language and Literature as well as a master's degree in Curriculum and Instruction from Texas A&M University. With expertise in non-fiction texts and versatile writing styles, she empowers students to excel in university and professional writing. As a College Board AP Exam reader and member of numerous scholarship selection committees, Amy helps high-achieving students craft tailored one-on-one college essays that showcase their unique selves. Amy inspires and guides students to achieve their full potential, with innovative teaching methods and unwavering support for their growth and development.




"Moneel Patel’s knowledge of the recent college application process and the system towards success is unparalleled. His guidance in both curricular and extracurricular achievements really helped me build both a stronger resume and hone in on my interests, both making my profile and essays stronger. Being an extremely successful and enterprising student himself, the advice that Moneel Patel has given me was the most up to date, applicable and realistic. He knows what opportunities build a better profile and highly recommend his services. Through his detailed explanations and carefully curated advice, I was able to approach the college application process with confidence instead of fear."

Akash Joseph, Seven Lakes HS Class of 2023 Valedictorian and Incoming Freshmen at UT Austin ECE with Engineering Honors (Full-Tuition Scholarship)

"My daughter recently had the opportunity to work with Mrs. Amy Gaden throughout her college application process. We knew how important it was to have a solid essay for college admissions and although my daughter had a very clear idea on the subject of her paper, we needed additional aid in guiding her through the execution and composition process. Her essay topic was of a very personal nature so we felt we needed not only a very qualified person to provide guidance but also somebody she would feel comfortable enough to share her experience with. Mrs. Gaden proved to be invaluable during their weekly meetings prior to her essay submission. While she was still able to convey her own thoughts and writing, Mrs. Gaden helped improve the structure thus strengthening the overall impact of the essay. She was also very well prepared with ideas and suggestions prior to their weekly meetings, providing annotations and corrections and brainstorming possible concepts to consider. We strongly recommend her services to those seeking guidance with their college application."

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